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[February 3, 2015]

How Remodeling Projects Influence Prices at Resale

Coldwell Banker ONE Broker/Owner, David McKey, explains how the markets respond to remodeling activity in this month's Cost vs. Value edition of Remodeling Magazine:

“You’re really competing against the house down the street,” says David McKey, a broker with Coldwell Banker One, in Baton Rouge, La., and the 2014 Region 10 vice president of the NAR.

[January 13, 2015]

How Declining Oil Prices Could Affect the Baton Rouge Economy

Coldwell Banker ONE Broker/Owner, David McKey, explains the affects of the declining oil prices on the Baton Rouge area real estate market to NBC 33's Talia Samelian:

"Local experts say Baton Rouge residents shouldn't be concerned that the low cost of oil would bring down the price of their homes. They explain, in order for that to happen, oil prices would have to continue to decline for a long time.

'I don't think we're going to see an immediate impact on the housing market here in Baton Rouge. I think if we see that, it's going to be further down the road. Anywhere from a year to two years' explains Coldwell Banker ONE Realtor, David McKey.

However, if oil prices continue to drop for a prolonged period of time, it could affect our job industry.

'The impact of employment whether it be directly with people working in the oil and gas industry or on a state level where our budget is going to have to be cut, could in the future impact the housing market' says McKey."

[December 12, 2014]

[October 8, 2014]

Louisiana home prices rise 3.8% in August. 

"Increased demand based on a growing economy in Louisiana is moving the value of a home higher. This is very positive news, not only for employment opportunities, but also for homeowners." 

- Coldwell Banker ONE Broker/Owner, David McKey

[September 30, 2014]

[September 8, 2014]

Baton Rouge is the WORST predictor of housing market trends... and that's a GREAT thing.

"As a Realtor can explain, while the national market was bottoming out, the Baton Rouge area market experienced unprecedented growth following Hurricane Katrina.  New construction starts and prices increased.  Additionally, our backbone industries, petrochemical and oil industry plants, buoy our market in hard times.  More recent additions of technology and manufacturing sectors have aded new economic strongholds to our market.  All of these stabilize housing, and put Baton Rouge in a very healthy position, especially compared to other volatile markets across the nation.

It's a great thing that Baton Rouge is a poor indicator of a third party's analysis of the nation's volatile housing market.  That just means that Realtors continue to have the most accurate and timely data, and that Baton Rouge continues to have a healthy housing market."

[September 5, 2014]

We're leading the way in development!  Coldwell Banker ONE is proud to call Baton Rouge home.

Baton Rouge Called 'Gold Standard' for Downtown Development by 'Clarion-Ledger'

[September 3, 2014]

Measurements in our language… football.  Geaux Tigers!

How Many Homes Fit On A Football Field?

Read full article here

[August 28, 2014]

What Is The Number One Tip For Home Buyers? 

[August 25, 2014]

Capital Region home sales rise 2% in July.

[August 14, 2014]

Baton Rouge leads the nation AGAIN in quarterly housing survey!

[August 7, 2014]

Thinking of buying or selling your property in the Capital Region?  Now is a great time!   Baton Rouge is among the TOP 10 METRO MARKETS set for significant growth in home sales, according to the June National Housing Trend Report 

[August 6, 2014]

We know how to have fun!  Louisiana's Capital Region is ranked the second most playful city in America.  What do you love most about our home?